Campus Directory

Accounting & Business Law - College of Business825-2663
Alumni Relations Office1-877-482-6822
Art Museum of South Texas825-3500
Athletics, Islander Ticket Office825-2255
Baptist Learning Center991-9403
Biology - College of Science & Engineering825-2681
Bookstore Buyback825-5799
Breakers Game Room825-5282
Business Computer Lab825-2690
Campus Activity Board (CAB)825-2363
Campus Bookstore (Barnes & Noble)825-2603
Campus Copies825-5679
Center for Business Research - College of Business825-6045
Center for Water Supply Studies825-3344
Certification Office - College of Education825-2433
Chemistry - College of Science & Engineering825-2465
Clinical Laboratory Science - College of Science & Engineering825-2465
Coastal Bend Health Education Center825-2804
Commons Market825-2345
Computer Helpline - Faculty/Staff825-2692
Computer Helpline - Students825-5618
Computer Lab - Center for Instruction825-6075
Computer Science - College of Science & Engineering825-2474
Continuing Medical Education (CME)992-0770
Core Curriculum Programs825-2150
Counselor Education - College of Education and Human Development825-3393
Criminal Justice - College of Liberal Arts825-2696
Curriculum & Instruction - College of Education825-3201
Decision Sciences - College of Business825-2377
Degree Coordinator - Computer & Mathematical Science825-5723
Degree Coordinator - School of Nursing & Health Science825-2648
Degree Counselor - Physical & Life Sciences825-2654
Department of Art - College of Liberal Arts825-2317
Department of Communications/Theatre - College of Liberal Arts825-2316
Department of English - College of Liberal Arts825-3457
Department of Humanties - College of Liberal Arts825-5783
Department of Music - College of Liberal Arts825-5523
Department of Psychology - College of Liberal Arts825-6040
Department of Social Sciences - College of Liberal Arts825-2696
Early Childhood Education - College of Education and Human Development825-5581
Economics - College of Business825-2377
Ecotourism & Nature Science Awareness825-5888
Educational Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction - College of Education and Human Development825-3368
Educational Technology825-2347
Emergency - 911911
Engineering Technology - College of Science & Engineering825-6068
Enterprise Rent-A-Car825-2269
Environmental Engineering825-2376
Environmental Science, Geology - College of Science825-2465
Faculty Renaissance Center825-6060
Fall Experience/Student Teaching825-2669
Finance - College of Business825-2377
First Year Programs - Core Curriculum825-2150
Foundation Office825-2735
French Department - College of Liberal Arts825-5783
General Business - College of Business825-2488
Geographic Information Science (GIS)825-5854
Geology Department - College of Liberal Arts825-2696
Geomatics/Geographic Information Sciences - College of Science & Engineering825-6068
GIS, Geomatics & Mapping825-2720
Greek Affairs825-5937
Health Science/Healthcare Administrative Programs825-5939
History Department - College of Liberal Arts825-5783
Induction Year Program - College of Education and Human Development825-5581
Instructional Design and Educational Technology825-5581
International Programs825-2789
Island Waves - Student Newspaper825-5744
John Henry Newman Catholic Student Center993-5898
Kinesiology - College of Education and Human Development825-6072
Language Lab825-6039
Library - Special Collections825-5771
Library Circulation Desk825-2340
Library Instruction Center825-3406
Library Media Center825-2311
Lost and Found (University Center)825-5282
Management Information Systems (MIS) - College of Science & Engineering825-2377
Mariculture - College of Science & Engineering825-2465
Marketing - College of Business825-2488
Master's Programs - College of Business825-2489
Mathematics - College of Science & Engineering825-2459
Mexican American Studies - College of Liberal Arts825-5783
Micro Computer Lab825-2690
Multicultural Programs825-5778
Nearshore Research825-5714
Nursing Lab825-2353
Office of Facilities Planning & Construction825-5860
Outreach Nursing Programs - College of Science & Engineering1-800-293-0965
Outreach Nursing Programs - College of Science & Engineering825-2799
PAC Box Office825-3369
Pharmacy - University Health Center825-6079
Philosophy Department - College of Liberal Arts825-5783
Physics - College of Science & Engineering825-2681
Political Science Department - College of Liberal Arts825-2696
Prairie View A&M University936-857-3311
Printing Services825-2694
Quantitative Methods - College of Business825-2377
Reading - College of Education and Human Development825-3201
Recreational Sports825-2454
Recruitment - College of Education and Human Development825-6032
ROTC - College of Education and Human Development825-5841
SAIL Registration825-7245
Service Desk1-866-353-2491
Service Desk825-2692
Social Science Research Center (SSRC)825-3206
Society for the Advancement of Management825-6045
Sociology Department - College of Liberal Arts825-2696
Spanish Department - College of Liberal Arts825-5783
Special Education - College of Education and Human Development825-5581
Staff Advisory Council (SAC)825-2745
Student Foundation825-5558
TAMU Shrimp Mariculture Facility937-2268
Tarleton State University - Killeen254-519-5438
Tarleton State University - Stephenville254-968-9000
Teacher Education - College of Education and Human Development825-5581
Technology Lab825-6060
Telecommunications Services825-6006
Texas A&M Univerisity - Texarkana903-223-3000
Texas A&M University - College Station979-845-3211
Texas A&M University - Commerce903-886-5102
Texas A&M University - Galveston409-740-4400
Texas A&M University - Kingsville361-593-2111
Texas A&M University - Kingsville at Palo Alto210-921-5488
Texas A&M University - San Antonio210-784-1000
Texas A&M University International - Laredo956-326-2001
Texas Agricultural Research & Extension Center265-9201
Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES)825-2376
Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)825-2778
University Outreach Center - A&M/UT289-7905
University Pool825-2705
University Theatre - Box Office825-5800
Upward Bound825-3968
West Texas A&M University - Canyon1-800-999-8268
Woo Sung Lee Alumni Welcome Center825-3724